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Legend Of Heroes


Legend Of Heroes

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Legend Of Heroes






A story about maturing, bravery, exploration, survival, warfare, justice and dreaming. 

An alien's ship descending from the sky then explodes and crashes into the earth. The aliens wish to return home.... 

In the desert, a group of young people (each having family and individual problems) come together as a result of the alien’s ship exploding. This desert planet has no water to be found, no animals or vegetation, and even no sound. It is a planet of nothing more than deserts and death, yet this is our future and the future of our earth. 

Facing the reality of this nightmare, the group of youngsters understand what they must do. It is now their responsibility to rescue the earth, thus becoming the “Legend Of Heroes” traveling through time to ChunQiu Yan(250 BC), Tian kong City & Fire Tribe 1000 years ago, and to the future. All along the way enduring many hardships and dangers. 

“Heart of the Earth,” is a mysterious island where aboriginals, dangers in nature, and many mysterious secrets challenge the young heroes. Aliens hiding in the island stealthily attempt a plot against the earth. 

Along the way they encounter a mad scientist, tumulus, the City of Sky, and the castle on the floor of the sea.

The young heroes solve their problems one by one, learning in the process teamwork, collaboration, and how to grow into maturity, often by means of their own mistakes. Eventually they comprehend why their own families have so many problems while developing an appreciation for the value of friendship and family, and the meaning of mortal enemies.

It is often difficult to distinguish friends from enemies. Saving the earth involves more danger than anticipated, and perhaps more challenges ahead. Will the heroes save the earth or become the earth killer which they are fighting?

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